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191 New Lisbon Rd, Pemberton, NJ 08068

New off market deal! 3 bed/1 bath vacant Purchase Price: $165,500 Equitable Interest Contract for Sale. For questions please contact Micala at [email protected] or 856-447-2877. To schedule a walk through, email Micala with proof of funds at email above. Walk through available only to those who provide proof of funds.Realtors: To earn a commission (to be paid by your Buyer), please include your commission to be paid at closing to the offer amount. In other words, the offer would be $195,000 plus commission.Disclaimer: Buyer must close with a title company of our choosing. House is being sold "as-is," and the Buyer is to pay all closing costs. All inspections and certifications, including Certificate of Occupancy, will be Buyer’s responsibility. Cash or hard money offer only. Buyer must do own due diligence, evaluation, and inspection prior to making an offer. Determining value is the Buyer's responsibility. Any reference to the value of the property by the Seller or any representative of the Seller is an opinion of value. Everyone has a differing opinion on value, cost of construction, materials, quality of workmanship and market speculation. Value is ultimately the Buyer's responsibility.Please do not approach the property or re-market this contract without permission.

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Single Family
3 Beds
1 Baths